It seems that “studying abroad” on remote islands is booming in popularity. The program includes compulsory elementary, junior high, and high school education, as well as foster care (students commute from foster parents on the island) and parent-child programs (parents and their children move to the island together). There are a variety of forms. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) compiles information on the recruitment status of these such programs.

Although the hurdle for moving to an island has been decreased with the spread of remote work (WFH), it still requires a big decision when it comes to living on a remote island.

By the way, there are remote islands in the Kansai region which are commutable. The following is a list of a couple of commutable islands in the Kansai area.

Port Island, Rokko Island (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)

It may seem a violation to call these two “remote islands,” but both are unmistakably islands. However, both are undeniably islands, albeit man-made ones.

Port Island was the world’s largest man-made island when it opened in 1981. It is home to university campuses such as Kobe Women’s University, Kobe Gakuin University, and Konan University, as well as numerous medical facilities. The Kobe New Transit Port Island Line provides a single train connection from Sannomiya Station on the Kobe New Transit Line. The same line can also be used to travel to Kobe Airport.

Rokko Island is accessible from Sumiyoshi Station on the JR Tokaido Line and Uozaki Station on the Hanshin Main Line, also on the Kobe New Transit Rokko Island Line. Since the headquarters of P&G used to be located there, many foreigners living there, and there are condominiums exclusively for foreigners. Also, the Canadian Academy, a pre-k to high school international school can be found on Rokko Island.

There are many condominiums for sale on both man-made islands, with Port Island Residences sold by the Port Island Housing and Urban Development Corporation and RIC sold by Sekisui House on Rokko Island. Prices are not low because they are on an island, but on par with those on the mainland.

Awaji Island (Awaji City/Sumoto City/Minami Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture)

It is safe to say that Awaji Island is the most famous island in the Kansai region. Although there is no railroad service, the Kobe-Awaji Naruto Expressway runs through the island, making it easy to commute to work or school in Akashi City and Kobe City via the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. Many people actually commute to work and school using buses and other means.

Recently, Pasona has relocated some of its head office functions, and the area on the western area called “West Coast” and is attracting attention of many cafes, sweets, and other stores.

There are several condominiums for sale, mainly those that were once sold as resort condominiums. Many of them are for sale for less than 5 million yen, making it a good target for those who wish to move to the area.


Other “inhabited” islands include Iejima in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Okishima in Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, but both islands have no condominiums for sale, and commuting to the city center is difficult.

Port Island and Rokko Island are distributed as commuting areas to the city center, but as remote work and work styles become more diversified, there will be more opportunities to introduce places such as Awaji Island, which was not seen as a commuting area before, although it is not limited to remote islands.

Properties with outstanding features, such as those along the coast or with excellent views, will attract more attention, and prices are likely to rise.

Original Article: 関西の都心勤務可能な島

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