With the restrictions and regulations related to COVID-19 uplifted, many things have returned to “normal. Live sports and music events are one of them. As if to make up for the time when there were no spectator games and live music performances without cheering, various live events have been held in various places.

Not necessarily because of this, but development of facilities where people can gather is hot right now. New plans are underway in various locations.

Osaka Castle East District

10,000 person arena near the new station

The centerpiece of the approximately 53-hectare development area will be the opening of Osaka Public University’s Morinomiya Campus and a new station on the Osaka Metro Chuo Line. There is also an arena concept with a capacity of more than 10,000 people and multi-purpose use for concerts, sports, and other events.
The center of Osaka is the “Kita” area around Umeda and the “Minami” area around Shinsaibashi and Namba, but if this project get green lit, the “Higashi” area between Kyobashi and Osaka Castle Park will also become a major hub and increase its presence. The opening of this project is scheduled for 2028.

Expo Commemoration Park Station Area Revitalization Project

Largest arena in western Japan

The Expo Memorial Park Station Area Revitalization Project, which is being carried out by Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development and KEPCO Urban Development, among others, has as its centerpiece an arena with a maximum capacity of 18,000 people, the largest in western Japan.

It is also possible to attract events such as the NBA International Games and the World Figure Skating Championships. Hotels, offices, and condominiums are also planned for the surrounding area. The opening schedule was originally scheduled for the fall of 2027, but has now been revised to 2029.

Kobe Arena Project

Sannomiya Station South Bay Area Development

GLION ARENA KOBE, an arena with a capacity of 10,000 people, is the centerpiece of 「TOTTEI」 a redevelopment project being undertaken by NTT Urban Development and others in the Shin-Minato-Tsuttei West Area, which Kobe City has publicly solicited. A theme park surrounded by green space is planned on the south side of the arena. It is scheduled to open in April 2025.

In addition to the above, various other arena facilities are being planned in various locations, including the Nishinomiya CONNECTPARK, scheduled to open in 2029 as part of the Nishinomiya Central Sports Park Redevelopment Project due to aging.

The Kyoto Arena (tentative name), which had been proposed for the Kitayama area in Kyoto City but has been decided to be built at the Mukoicho bicycle race track due to neighborhood opposition. Various arena facilities are planned in various locations.

When a concert hall or stadium is built, more people come to the area, infrastructure is improved, and the area becomes better known. Housing prices often rise as a result. Although it is not certain whether the facility will be operated successfully after its opening, it is certain that the surrounding real estate market will attract attention.

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