In Japan, where renting an apartment or securing a loan can be a complex process, guarantor companies play a significant role in facilitating financial transactions and ensuring the smooth functioning of the housing and lending markets. These companies act as intermediaries, providing a guarantee to landlords and lenders on behalf of individuals who may not meet the strict requirements on their own. In this blog post, we will explore the purpose of guarantor companies in Japan and delve into their importance in the country’s socio-economic landscape.

1. Overcoming the High Barrier of Entry

One of the primary purposes of guarantor companies in Japan is to assist individuals who face challenges in meeting the stringent requirements set by landlords and lenders. Renting an apartment in Japan often involves substantial upfront costs, including security deposits, key money, and agent fees. Moreover, landlords typically demand proof of stable employment, income, and a good credit history. This can pose a significant barrier, particularly for students, new graduates, foreigners, and self-employed individuals. Guarantor companies step in by acting as financial guarantors, providing assurance to the landlords that the tenant will meet their rental obligations.

2. Enhancing Creditworthiness

In the Japanese lending industry, banks and financial institutions rely heavily on creditworthiness assessments when determining loan eligibility. Individuals with limited credit history or a lower credit score may find it challenging to secure loans for various purposes, such as education, business, or personal needs. Guarantor companies play a pivotal role by providing a guarantee to lenders, assuring them of repayment even if the borrower’s creditworthiness is less than ideal. This added layer of security allows individuals to access financial services they may not have otherwise qualified for, contributing to greater financial inclusion.

3. Facilitating Housing Market Efficiency

Japan’s housing market is known for its unique rental system and strict regulations. By acting as guarantors, these companies help streamline the rental process, making it more efficient for landlords, agents, and tenants alike. Guarantor companies evaluate the financial stability and credibility of potential tenants, reducing the risks associated with rental agreements. This leads to increased confidence among landlords and agents, enabling a smoother and faster selection process. Guarantor companies also assist in mediating disputes between tenants and landlords, providing an additional layer of support and ensuring a fair resolution.

4. Mitigating Risk for Landlords and Lenders

For landlords and lenders, the risk of non-payment or default is a constant concern. Guarantor companies effectively reduce this risk by assuming financial responsibility on behalf of the tenant or borrower. In case of rental arrears or loan defaults, the guarantor company steps in to cover the outstanding amounts, alleviating the burden on the landlord or lender. This risk mitigation aspect is vital for the overall stability of the housing market and the lending industry, encouraging investment and promoting confidence among both parties involved.


In Japan, where strict requirements and complex rental systems can make it challenging for individuals to secure housing or obtain loans, guarantor companies serve as a crucial support system. They play a significant role in enhancing access to financial services, promoting housing market efficiency, and mitigating risks for landlords and lenders. By bridging the gap between the requirements and the financial capabilities of individuals, guarantor companies contribute to greater financial inclusion and overall economic stability.

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