The age old question of either buying or renting. Out of all the blog post we have posted so far I was surprised we didn’t have our own write up of “Rent vs Buy.”

So today we will have our own write up on “Rent vs Buy.”

The decisions which need to be made for either renting or buying isn’t an easy task. We will do our best to simplify the scenarios as best as we can and highlight what we believe is most important in the decision making.

Of course, each individual, each family, etc, has their own set of circumstances which will be unique to their renting our buying experience. The decision making involves a ton of emotions, therefore we want to input as much of emotions in this post rather than the usual calculation comparisons. For a better assessment of each individual’s/family’s circumstances, we would need to create a dialogue to create a simulation for YOU!

Blanc Foret (Rental)


Real Estate Assessment is and how values are appraised and viewed are quite different her in Japan than other parts of the world. For more information and in-detail description, click here.

If you are new to the area, recently married, or newly parents or all of the above, then we strongly suggest going the renting route.

If you are new to the area, why would you invest your money into said area prior to learning about it by living there? Would you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, or tens of millions of yen in anything prior to doing your homework? We think living in the area is the best “homework” you can do before going full in on your investment. Renting in the area first can be viewed as an “investment” as well. Investing your time and the smaller amount of money in contracting and moving costs. Much easier to move again while renting versus buying if you happen to dislike the area.

Newly weds might want to hold off on buying until they have a few things checked out or planned. As a married couple, this is a “new thing” for most people. In Japan especially, most couples don’t live together until they have gotten married. Interracial couples might also experience this with his or her wife or husband coming from a traditional Japanese household. Even though living together prior to getting married is becoming more common. With the financial set aside, how did you feel when you proposed or when you decided to marry your husband or wife? Until you have a similar certainty or confidence in the area and house or apartment, rent. Also, home ownership comes with new responsibilities such as property taxes, property maintenance and upkeep, in a condominium, being a part home owners associations to name a few. Until you and your partner are ready to take on those responsibilities as well, rent.

Newly parents might want to hold off on buying as well with the similar reasoning as mentioned above. A new variable will be school. Deciding which school district you would like your child or children to attend or attending either private school or international school, and the proximity to said school. You are never “ready” to child rear, but after a while you get the handle of parenting. Before you get the handle of parenting and checked off the boxes mentioned above in newly weds, rent!

Pro-Tip: Condominiums and single family homes/townhouses are for rent in Osaka just like in any other place in the world. The option of rent to own can be an option as well.

Park Homes Senri-Chuo (Buy)


This section will be a bit shorter than the renting section. If you happen to check the boxes in the scenarios above, then let’s talk about getting you a home to own in Osaka. We will focus on a few scenarios where you might bypass the renting process. As mentioned above, we will not be discussing any financial simulations comparing renting or buying. The money going out by renting versus the money you could potential be putting back into your pocket by buying, etc. There have been a ton of other articles/blogs with that information readily available with a quick GOOGLE search.

How do you know when you are ready to buy? We don’t want to steer anyone away from buying. At the end of the day these decisions are yours and your family’s. We just want to assist in any way, more importantly be readily available to have a conversation/discussion with you. If you happen to “got it like that,” then please buy!

The rental process is creating too much stress. Renting in Japan is not as easy and straight forward as say the United States. Especially for non-Japanese, the process can be even more excruciating. The process of finding a place to live shouldn’t involve additional un-needed stress to the already emotional process. There will be stress and anxiety involved, but over one’s threshold should bypass the rental process.

The idea or plan of an “exit strategy” is already in place or brainstormed. Or vice versa, being open to having an investment income generating property eventually becoming your home. In the latter, technically you are renting just waiting until your unit or house becomes vacant.

There are benefits to homeownership such as tax breaks explained in detail here. Just like in anything, timing is everything.

Opus Residence Shinsaibashi South (Rent)

There are countless number of people saying you are wasting money by renting, or why would you make your landlord richer by renting, etc. Are you really wasting money by renting in your situation, in your life? That will be something you need to decide for yourself not others. In real estate, timing is everything. Timing when to buy, when to rent, when to make an offer, even the time when to go see the property. The home buying and renting process should be just as unique as you are.

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