Keith Mobley’s 39th Law: “Remove Emotion in the Decision Making Equation.”

He goes on to say emotions are vital in everyday life, emotions are what makes us human. “I am not suggesting that we should become emotionless. It would be a boring world without emotions.” Emotions in a business setting can become detrimental to the business operation. We agree that logic and tact must trump emotion in any business decision. We cannot be too high or too low.
“It is imperative that decisions, especially those in stressful situations, be made in a calm, cool frame of mind. If you allow emotions to take control, the probability is high that the wrong decision will be made.”
And we agree with Keith Mobley we don’t want to make the incorrect decision at the wrong time. Timing is everything in decision making and we don’t want to allow our emotions to get the best of us in a business setting. We say all this with the opinion of, emotions can be involved in decision making as long as we allow tact and logic to have a larger influence in our decision making.

We do also believe emotions are the driver in decision making when it pertains to real estate transaction while it be either buying, selling, or renting. Today we will discuss the emotions involved in real estate transactions, and we believe emotions are extremely important in real estate decision making.

Emotions can run high and low in any real estate transaction. Most people would assume during a buy/sell transaction, but emotions will definitely be felt in a rental transaction as well. For instance, if you are moving to a new city you will most likely decide to rent. Ton of emotions involved when something “new” happens, even during a rental transaction. Of course when you are purchasing your home the amount of money is quite large therefore ton of emotions.

Few of the emotions you will most likely feel are excitement, uncertainty, happiness, sadness, confusion, fulfillment, disgust just to name a few. Navigating these emotions can be tough. We believe having these emotions is normal, embrace them and understand them. Any transaction in real estate is a process and the different emotions comes with the territory. Not feeling emotions would make the process extremely difficult especially for your agent/representation. They need as much input from you the buyer, seller, renter, landlord to best serve your needs.

Now the needs of each individual will differ because each persons lifestyle and personality will differ. The emotions someone will feel will differ as well. How you express your emotions will be a different story, but our take is to allow the process to be natural.

So how can you the buyer, seller. renter, or landlord navigate your emotions during the process to have a smooth real estate transaction? We believe part of it is having a trusted agent or representation to help navigate you throughout, with all the emotions. This individual needs to be an empathetic person. If your agent doesn’t understand why then how can he or she help serve you?

Now I had “why” in bold above. I mentioned that a trustworthy and empathetic agent is part of successfully navigating through all your emotions. The other part, or main part will be your why. Understanding and remembering your why will always bring you back to where you need to be. And having someone there to discuss only helps cement your why.

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