For this week’s post we would like to introduce to you all the new high rise condominium projects in Osaka City, specifically in Kita-ku (Kita Ward). In the coming weeks we will move south to the other wards in Osaka City to showcase their new projects as well.

Kita-ku, Osaka

グランドメゾン新梅田タワー – The Club Residence

Grande Maison Shin Umeda Tower – The Club Residence

A high-rise seismic isolated tower project by 6 companies including Sekisui House and Takenaka Corporation. An urban high rise that consists of residential and commercial facilities. A part of the second phase development (new station etc.) which is scheduled to in 2022.

Grande Maison Shin Umeda Tower – The Club Residence is located in a fantastic location, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Rokko Mountains and the Yodogawa Fireworks Festival. In order to make the most of the advantages of this location, the developers have set up an common space “Sky Terrace” on the 35th floor. Furthermore, there are three common areas, “Sky Lounge”, “Study Room”, and “Party Room” that offer the comfort and magnificent view of the outdoor space “Sky Terrace” on the 35th floor, which is approximately 113m above the ground.

Additional Information

Price: ¥39,380,000 ~ ¥220,000,000
Address: (planned) 2-2-1 Oyodominami, Kita-ku, Osaka
Access: 14 minute walk to Osaka Station
Floor Plans: 1LDK ~ 3LDK (1 to 3 bedrooms)
Floor Area: 45.84m2~130.11m2
Total Units: 871
Completion: (planned) February 2022

ブランズタワー梅田 North

Branz Tower Umeda North

A joint high rise project by Tokyu Real Estate and Sumitomo Real Estate.
Branz Tower Umeda North is connected directly to Nakatsu Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line. The Midosuji Metro Line runs north to south which runs through the her of Osaka City. This new high rise is also within walking distance to Umeda Terminal.

Branz Tower Umeda North, which will be completed on the former site of Toyo Hotel, with a unique concept, a residence with a guesthouse philosophy in pursuit of hospitality.
At the “Coach Entrance” you will be greeted by a resident porter who also serves as a concierge. A beautiful serenity that keeps the city busy. The “Grand Entrance” fascinating the elegant sparkle is a large space with a ceiling height of about 10m. A three-dimensional and dynamic “private garden” that weaves with water and greenery. You can also enjoy the scenery of the garden from the “Garden Lounge”, a common space with a three-level atrium located on the first basement floor.

Additional Information

Price: ¥76,800,568
Address: (planned) 3-21-1 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Access: 1 minute to Nakatsu Station
Floor Plans: 3LDK (3 bedrooms)
Floor Area: 80.34 m2
Total Units: 653
Completion: (planned) January 2020
Move-in: (planned) March 2020


Geo Tower Minami Morimachi

Geo is Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate’s luxury high rise condominium brand.
Geo Tower Minami Morimachi is located east of Umeda, in the city center as a sphere of living, and “City of Living in Minamimori Town” with all urban functions and convenience of living. A total of 250 units and 37 floors above the ground.
Sky Lounge and Sky Terrace are located on the 37th floor, where you can enjoy the view from the top floor.
One of the great attractions of Geo Tower Minamimorimachi” is that all owners living here can enjoy the view from the top floor.

In addition, they have adopted the “seismic isolation structure” which protects buildings from earthquakes, and in terms of structure, performance and security.

Additional Information

Price: ¥39,380,000 ~ ¥190,680,000
Address: (planned) 2-15-1 Higashi Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka
Access: 7 minute walk to Minami Morimachi Station・3 minute walk to Osaka Tenmangu Station
Floor Plans: 1LDK ~ 4LDK (1 to 4 bedrooms)
Floor Area: 50.42m2~127.41m2
Total Units: 250
Completion: (planned) January 2021


City Tower Higashi Umeda Park Front

Sumitomo Real Estate’s high rise brand, City Tower Higashi Umeda Park Front is considered the “NEXT CITY TOWER.” A tower residence with a total of 490 residences that meshes the brilliance of Umeda and Ryokuen. The answer which Sumitomo Real Estate has arrived to in order to live only in the city center and to live in the city center is the new value of a peaceful city high rise.

Aiming for a life that only existed in the city center and a life that the city center wants, The answer that Sumitomo Real Estate has arrived at is a proposal for a new sense of value as a peaceful city center tower. This is in the center of Umeda, about 1 km. A place surrounded by a vast green oasis, a tower residence where you can enjoy a rich life with nature.

Additional Information

Price: ¥44,900,000 ~ ¥198,000,000
Address: (planned) 26-1 Nozaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Access: 10 minute walk to Higashi Umeda Station
Floor Plans: 1LDK ~ 4LDK (1 to 4 bedrooms)
Floor Area: 47.95m2~100.66m2
Total Units: 490
Move-in: (planned) April 2020

In the future we plan to share with you all other new construction condominium projects which are not high rises.

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