We would like to start a new series, called “What can you buy for ***** or less in Osaka?”
This idea was taken from Real Estate Japan’s blog where they highlight properties all over Japan which are within said price range. Since we are local here in Osaka, our focus will only be on properties in Osaka.

All the properties we are introducing in this series are currently listed for sale as of the date these posts are published.

A fully renovated condominium with great access to public transportation
「豊中 Living」

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Location: This unit is located in Toyonaka City of Osaka Prefecture. An easy 10 minute walk to Toyonaka Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line or a 5 minute walk to Hotarugaike Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line and Osaka Monorail.

Listed Price: ¥29,800,000 
Size and Layout: 92.58 m² (996.52-sqft) 3BR (3SLDK)
Floor: 1st-floor in 6-story building
Land rights: Freehold
Year Built: February 1992, interior fully renovated

Notes: Extremely spacious for Japanese standards. For reference, new construction with the same floor area would be double of this unit’s asking price.

A 16-minute train ride to Umeda Station without chasing trains lines or platforms
「吹田 Living」

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Location: Located just north of Ryokuchi Park, one of the larger parks in Osaka. Ryokuchi Park is one of the few parks in Osaka where they allow barbecues. Closest station would be Momoyamadai Station on the Osaka Kita Express Line (Mido-suji Metro Extenstion).

Listed Price: ¥28,800,000
Size and Layout: 79.09 m² (851.32-sqft) 3BR (3LDK)
Floor: 2nd-floor in 11-story building
Land rights: Freehold
Year Built: September 1996, interior fully renovated

Notes: A ton of counter space in the kitchen, perfect for families who enjoy cooking together. A small nook next to the kitchen which can be used as a kid’s study area or a small work space.

For those who enjoy living in the City but don’t want to break the bank
「大阪市中央区 Living」

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Location: Located in Chuo-ku just east of one of Osaka’s business districts, Honmachi. A quick three minute walk to Tanimachi 4-chome Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi and Chuo Lines.

Listed Price: ¥28,110,000
Size and Layout: 68.21 m² (734.21-sqft) 2BR (2SLDK)
Floor: 7th-floor in 11-story building
Land rights: Freehold
Year Built: March 1979, interior fully renovated

Notes: The colors of the floors, doors, and accents are walnut brown giving the unit a bright and warm feeling. All of the facilities, kitchen, vanity, shower room, hot water heater are brand new.

4 minute walk from the extremely convenient Toyonaka Station
「豊中 Living」

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Location: Located in Honmachi of Toyonaka City. All of your everyday needs as far as grocery shopping, convenient stores, post offices banks, etc are within a 5 minute walk.

Listed Price: ¥24,800,000
Size and Layout: 50.70 m² (545.73-sqft) 1BR (1SLDK)
Floor: 4th-floor in 5-story building
Land rights: Freehold
Year Built: August 1989, interior fully renovated

Notes: Toyonaka City is a popular area to live for both families, recently married couples, and unmarried singles. Reason being, the schools in Toyonaka City are held at a high standard, and the commute to work is quite convenient as well.

For future installments of this series, we will focus on different price points as well as investment properties as well. The properties listed in this series will be second hand, but we are working on getting you all information on new construction projects in Osaka as well.