National Condominium Market Trends

The Real Estate Economic Institute (不動産経済研究所) released their rankings for total units sold, and of the exclusive living area (combined unit area) by developers based on the supply for 2020. The target of the survey is newly built condominiums nationwide, including studio condominiums for investment and fixed-term land lease (leasehold) condominiums.

We will combine both reports, Total Units which was reported back February 24th and Total Exclusive Area reported April 8th, with our translations of both reports.

Our translation will be a condensed version of the original Japanese Reports. Our report will focus more so of the rankings of the developers nationwide with the summary of the data as a whole.

Total Units

Nationwide sales decreased 15.2% to 59,907 units compare to the total units sold in 2019. COVID-19 played a large role in the output performance which was the lowest level 1976. The Tokyo metropolitan area decreased by 12.8% and the Kansai area decreased by 15.8%, while the Tokai and Chukyo areas increased by 15.8%. The average price was 49.71 million yen, up 3.8% from the previous year, which continues the trend for the increase in price for 4 consecutive years.

Top 20 Developer’s Ranking (2020)

DeveloperKanto RegionKansai RegionOther RegionsNationwide
1Pressance Corporation702,7661,5064,342
2Nomura Real Estate2,6983227713,791
3Sumitomo Real Estate2,5304155673,512
4Mitsui Real Estate Residential1,9952271122,334
6Anabuki Sangyo392071,8272,073
7Daiwa House Kogyo9732687982,039
8Mitsubishi Jisho Residence1,3541093041,767
9Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate1,3541093041,767
10Tokyu Real Estate1,023443831,549
11Takara Leben5052566211,382
12Shin Nihon Construction1,232001,232
13Anabuki Construction125428501,017
14Open House Development4010586987
16Kintetsu Real Estate239535147921
17Meiwa Jisho5090265774
19Nihon ES-CON906700760
20Hoosier Corporation5873898723

Osaka Prefecture had a total of 9,088 units, which was a year to year decrease of 29.6%.

Total Exclusive Living Area

The target of this survey is newly built condominiums nationwide, including studio condominiums for investment and fixed-term land lease condominiums. Similar to the number of units ranking reported in February, the total effective area (exclusive living area) for sale is apportioned according to the business ratio for the purpose of confirming the supply scale by developer. The survey started in 2018 and this year marks the third annual report. According to the report, Nomura Real Estate, which was second in the previous year, was the top in the nation, with an exclusive supply area of ​​274,276 m². While the supply decline was prevalent due to the COVID-19, it took the lead by only reducing by 13,344 m² or 4.6% from the previous year (287,620 m²). Pressance Corporation, which ranked 4th in the previous year, increased its supply area by 17.4% from the previous year to 240,692 m², surpassing Sumitomo Real Estate, which was the leader for the two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. Following Sumitomo Real Estate in 3rd place, and Mitsui Real Estate Residential in 4th place followed by Anabuki Kosan, which entered the top 5 with a significant increase in supply of 151,297 m², up 29.1% from the previous year.

Top 20 Developer’s Ranking (2020) Exclusive Living Area

Area by Square Meter (m²)

DeveloperTotal NationwideKanto RegionKansai RegionOther Regions
1Nomura Real Estate274,276.1193,368.023,196.457,711.7
2Pressance Corporation240,691.84,654.5153.390.682,646.7
3Sumitomo Real Estate240,544.3175,586.622,943.642,014.2
4Mitsui Real Estate Residential179.,274.3152,003.018,713.58,557.9
5Anabuki Sangyo151,296.92,940.514,930.5133,426.0
6Mitsubishi Jisho Residence148,777.3115,651.59,777.823,348.0
7Daiwa House Kogyo143,382.566,090.017,902.959,389.7
8Tokyu Real Estate110,324.176,068.929,257.84,997.4
9Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate105,359.565,653.033,364.66,342.0
10Takara Leben93,020.828,572.018,590.845,858.0
11Anabuki Construction78,046.29,175.03,135.965,735.3
12Tokyo Tatemono73,815.164,926.98,110.3777.9
13Shin Nihon Construction70,952.170,952.100
15Kintetsu Real Estate66,967.917,224.438,695.711,047.8
17Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate59,264.412,593.946,670.50
18Nihon ES-CON55,091.76,176.848,914.90
20Hoosier Corporation52,184.941,542.53,023.47,619.0

A couple companies which made the Exclusive Living Area rankings and not the total sales ranking for 2020;

  • Tokyo Tatemono
  • Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate (the developer for the Geo Condominium brand)
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For the original Japanese Report (Total Exclusive Area)  Real Estate Economic Institute